Our culture trumpets the benefits of ownership over renting for pretty much anything you have the option to buy. In reality, of course, there are many situations in which renting makes the most sense. For example, you wouldn’t buy a home when you plan to move in six months, or a car just because your vehicle is in the shop. Sometimes the reasons we choose to rent are budgetary and sometimes they’re situational, but renting is often the better choice. This is especially true when it comes to renting a trade show display. A trade show display rental is an easy solution.

Trade show rentals have changed a lot in recent years. Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all, generic display rental. Today, you can customize your design, announce your presence with authority, and incorporate all of the latest technologies, even in a rental display. And, you can do it without breaking the bank.


1. Flexibility and Experimentation

If you’re looking to experiment with size and design before investing in a permanent booth, renting is a great option. It allows you to try out a variety of sizes and layouts to discover what best fits your needs and your brand. Renting also allows you to experience the reality of setting up and tearing down that display. The logistics alone may inspire you to go in a different direction when the time comes to create your permanent trade show display. How your booth looks is obviously important, but there’s no denying that, if your display is a nightmare to tear down or set up, you’re going to dread every show. Renting lets you take your booth out for a test drive to see how it performs on the road.


2. Versatility

Display rentals are incredibly versatile and, assuming you use a good design house, come in a variety of options, including pop-up displays and fabric displays. At Highway 85, we create custom exhibits, even for rentals, and allow you to modify the design for your brand, the show you plan to attend, and to suit your particular marketing needs. Our modular displays are fairly simple to assemble if you prefer to do it yourself, but you can also hire professional installers if you’d rather devote your time and energy elsewhere.

Renting your display also allows you to change styles from show to show, or even from day to day at the same show.


3. Save Space

If you own your trade show exhibit, you have to put it somewhere when you aren’t actually exhibiting. That means you need storage space and, if you don’t have it, you need to pay storage fees elsewhere. Rented displays are packed up and returned to the design center, meaning that storage is their problem, not yours.


4. Trade Show Rental: Save Money

Renting your display is a great way to save money, particularly if you only attend a few shows each year. Rentals are also a good option if you’re new to the trade show world and aren’t sure how often you plan to exhibit. Or, you may still be trying to determine the best type of booth for your company and want to try a few options to see what performs best.

Trade show rentals are a great way to ease into the trade show world. They give you the opportunity to create a stunning, customized display at a fraction of the cost of buying your exhibit, which helps you keep more of the profits from all those sales leads your booth generates. Then, once you’re ready to buy your exhibit, you have first-hand knowledge regarding what works, what doesn’t, and which features aren’t worth the extra cost.


5. Add-Ons and Accessories

Trade show rentals don’t begin and end with exhibit booths; you can also rent add-ons and accessories to help augment your current display in terms of both substance and functionality. Accessories you can rent include:

Accessories and add-ons let you better display your products but also provide logistical support, such as places for staffers to store their personal items and promotional materials. They also create areas where prospects can sit and meet with your team, or just let attendees rest after a long day walking the event floor. And, if you’re launching a new product and want to highlight it, but don’t want to change your entire exhibit, you can use rented accessories, such as a banner stand or kiosk, to highlight your exciting news without changing the bulk of your exhibit.


Bottom Line

We tend to think of a trade show rental as the more expensive option. Of course, if you attend a show every month, year after year, and keep renting the entire time, then a rental truly is the more expensive option. Even so, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t situations where renting makes smart financial sense. This is particularly true if you’re new to trade shows and are looking to create the perfect design for your booth.
Display rentals allow you to customize the design to suit your needs and brand, and carry all the latest bells and whistles. You can also rent a few accessories to accompany your permanent booth. Renting offers incredible versatility and flexibility, so don’t rule it out it until you look at what’s available.