Trade Show Displays, Office Designs and Custom Graphics

At Highway 85 Creative, we truly design our trade show displays from the inside out. By taking the time to hear your challenges, we help you set your goals and vision on a path for success. We’re in business to make a profit, but more importantly, we’re in the business of making you a profit. It’s a partnership of champions.

We dive deep to uncover how to best translate your look, feel and message into a three-dimensional environment for the markets you're targeting. This could be a trade show display, custom exhibit, retail store design, portable exhibit, custom office environment, advertisement, kiosk… The possibilities are endless.

Many companies out there will throw your logo onto a piece of hardware and call it a day. We have a much higher standard and will never provide you with just an “environment in a box.” Our staff of industry veterans and newly-bred college graduates makes us a unique force when it comes to creating one-of-a kind trade show displays and office/retail designs. Call us — we can help you stand above all the rest.

Trade show display

Trade Show Displays

Our culturally creative design team excels at transmitting your company's distinct characteristics and creating trade show displays that leave others captivated. Choose between an array of design types, ranging from pop up trade show displays to portable trade show displays. Companies, businesses, and brands deserve the best there is to offer when it comes to trade show displays, which is the exact mindset Highway85 was founded upon.

Check out our amazing line of trade show displays today.

Trade Show Exhibits

Trade Show Exhibits

Our years of expertise in designing custom trade show exhibits give you just the edge you need to stand out from the competition. We at Highway85 understand each company's unique, which is why we tailor our designs to create trade show exhibits representative of who you are. Our goal is to provide you with the best opportunity of broadcasting your brand through rich messaging, and unparallel creations.

We offer a wide variety of trade show exhibits, from portable to modular, which each serve a distinct purpose towards enhancing your presence.

Custom trade show display phoenix

Custom Trade Show Environments

Our custom solutions allow us to transform your setting, and deliver an environment that exemplifies your brand. Trade show booth designs are supposed to encompass all that you are, which is why we at Highway85 take pride in showcasing your essence. Our mission is to illuminate your presence through culturally creative and relevant designs, all intended to leave a lasting impression on your audience, and our trade show booths never fall short of their goal.